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November, 10 - 2023

The 6th Edition of the Paris Peace Forum is slated for November 2023

Join the Global Index for the second year in a row at the PPF!

Mark your calendars! The 2023 Paris Peace Forum will take place on 10-11 November, gathering once again under one roof the most important actors in global governance. We look forward to the sixth edition this November!

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Call for Global Index on Responsible AI Country Researchers and Reviewers

Join the Global Index in promoting responsible AI around the world

The Global Index is looking for country researchers who are experts in AI and Human Rights to participate in global data collection spanning over 140 countries.


September, 6 - 2023

ILPC Seminar Series on AI and the Humanities: Transforming Society

Toward a Global Index for Measuring the State of Responsible AI

Join Dr Rachel Adams at an upcoming seminar which is hosted by the Information Law Policy Centre at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies where she will be talking about the Global Index on Responsible AI as a tool that is being developed to measure the current state of responsible AI around the globe.

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Call for Country Researchers

We are looking for country researchers in over 120 countries to join us in ensuring responsible AI around the world.

The Regional Research Hubs of the Global Index on Responsible AI are recruiting country researchers to conduct research for the project.


July, 26 - 2023

USAID Equitable AI Community of Practice

Addressing ways that AI systems can amplify gender inequity

The Equitable Artificial Intelligence (AI) Community of Practice, facilitated by USAID, DAI, and Atlantic Council will host a discussion to address the ways that AI systems can amplify gender inequity. This Community of Practice builds on the work of the Equitable AI Challenge and promotes learning and community building to make AI tools more accountable.

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The Global Index at the Ibrahim Governance Weekend

Conference Highlights and An Emerging AI Researcher's Experience at IGW

This blog shares a summary of events that took place at IGW 2023, as well as the Global Index on Responsible AI's participation in the Paris Peace Forum's Call to Solutions panel discussion.


The Global Index makes the Global Top 100 List!

Recognition from the IRCA

The Global Index on Responsible has been announced as one of the IRCAI Global Top 100 AI Solutions for the SDGs.


May, 9 - 2023

Data for Artificial Intelligence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Trend and Challenges

To enhance the benefits from AI while minimizing the adverse risks, governments and stakeholders worldwide need to better understand the scope and depth of the risks posed by inadequate data and data governance, and develop regulatory and operational processes and structures to address these challenges.In this regional event, the main trends and challenges for the use of artificial intelligence applications in Latin America and the Caribbean and how data governance is being developed in support of those will be discussed. Watch the video recording here.


April, 30 - 2023

Calling for Solutions to Overcome Global Challenges

Are you tackling one of today's most pressing global challenges?

Our Principal Investigator Dr Rachel Adams participated in Mo Ibrahim Governance Weekend where she will speak at a session hosted by the Paris Peace Forum. Rachel will talk about the Global Index on Responsible AI and the project's experience as one of the awardees of the Scale-Up programme. Watch the recording here.


April, 27 - 2023

Mainstreaming Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Public Policy Innovation

Using AI Responsibly to Improve Lives

This session covered efforts to improve literacy so that people can use data to improve their lives it also discussed how it can be ensured that decision makers are accountable. It also demonstrated the value of data and how it can be used to improve lives. Nicolas Grossman the Deputy Project Director for the Global Index on Responsible AI spoke about the project and explains that it is a new tool being developed to support the implementation of responsible AI principles by countries around the world. He provided an overview of principles and recommendations regarding data and responsible AI, discussed some technical aspects including data security, transparency and explainability, and explored some issues related to bias, representativeness and non-discrimination in AI systems.

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January, 24 - 2023

Let's Talk About Data and AI Global Framing Session

We need to talk about data governance in the context of Artificial Intelligence

The Datasphere Initiative and the Data for Development Network ( are proudly hosting a series of webinars called Let's Talk About Data and AI.This first event of the AI and data webinar series will discuss the questions that need to be asked to ensure good data governance for AI and identify challenges in AI development and deployment across regions and sectors. The Datasphere Initiative and the Data for Development Network ( successfully hosted the first webinar of the Let's Talk About Data and AI webinar series. The event brought together experts from across various regions to discuss the importance of data governance for AI. The video recording of the session is available here.


The Global Index selected for the Paris Peace Forum Scale-Up Program

Recognition for the Global Index

The Global Index on Responsible AI was one of ten projects that were selected at the Paris Peace Forum 2022 to be a part of the Scale-Up Programme.


November, 11 - 2022

Paris Peace Forum

Riding Out The Multicrisis

The Global Index on Responsible Artificial Intelligence was 1 of 60 Solutions for Peacethat was selected to be showcased at the Paris Peace Forum. Selected projects will beparticipating in the 5th Edition of the Paris Peace Forum 2022, under the theme RidingOut The Multicrisis. The Global Index will be presented at the forum on the 11thand 12th of November by Research ICT Africas PrincipalResearcher Dr Rachel Adams. Dr Adams will be participating in two roundtable discussions, the first is scheduled to take place from 11:15 - 12:15 (GMT +1), and the second is from 14:45 - 15:45 (GMT +1).


Supporting the Implementation of the UNESCO Recommendations on Ethics in AI

Toward the responsible global governance of AI

This blog sets out to highlight how the Global Index is being designed to support the implementation of the UNESCO Recommendations, and build on the global movement to advance rights-respecting AI adoption and governance with actors such as OECD.


US Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: Reflections from Africa

Regulation of AI is the need of the hour

The Blueprint of An AI Bill of Rights (AIBoR) adds to global debates on AI governance by intending to guide the design, use, and deployment of automated systems for the protection of the American people in the age of AI.


Introduction to The Global Index on Responsible AI’s New Team Members

Get to know some of our new team members

Our team is growing! Meet the new Global Index team members working behind the scenes developing the GIRAI indicators that will measure the responsible use of AI in over 120 countries. Learn more about Samantha Msipa, Diana Nyakundi, Dr. Kelle Howson, and Jackline Akello.


Feminism & AI - A Collective Perspective from the Global South

Perspectives and experiences of feminist AI through a Global South lens

Experts from Latin America, Africa and India came together to discuss what feminist AI means, coming from a Global South perspective. Their key insights were used to inform and engage with the gender indicator that has been formed for the Global Index on Responsible AI. The workshop was an interactive one with a number of participants from around the world.


August, 29 - 2022

Global Index on Responsible AI workshop at Semana IA hosted by ILDA

Bringing the LATAM perspective into the Global Index on Responsible AI

The Global Index on Responsible AI is a collective initiative under construction that seeks to measure efforts in compliance with human rights obligations in the development of AI systems. During this workshop, the Global Index team will present the advances in the design of this conversation to incorporate the perspectives and contexts of Latin America into thisglobal study.


August, 16 - 2022

Global Index on Responsible AI Feminism and AI Workshop

A collective construction on what feminist AI means for the Global South

In support of our approach to ensure inclusion in the design of the Global Index, we will be hosting an open consultation on the project on Tuesday, 16 August 2022, from 14:30 16:00 SAST. The event will take place on Zoom. The consultation is aimed at facilitating input from participants on the Global Index, in order to strengthen the utility of the Index on the ground and validate the conceptual framework of the project. More crucially, the aim of this consultation is to gain insights and suggestions on ways in which we could advance feminist AI through the Global Index. The goal of this workshop is to facilitate open discussions with those participating on feminism and AI across different parts of the world. The workshop will identify areas for advancing feminist approaches to AI critique and governance in the Feminist AI in the Global Index is one of the main objectives from this consultation.


June, 8 - 2022

Global Index for Responsible AI at RightsCon

Centering the global South in developing tools to advance the UNESCO recommendation on ethics in AI

The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Kelly Stone (RIA), Dr. Huguette Diakabana (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Doaa Abu-Elyounes (UNESCO) and Nokuthula Olorunju (RIA). The workshop provided an opportunity for attendants to look at ethical AI tools, opportunities for influence, capacity building, and skills required in the global South. One key component of responsible AI that was reiterated in the workshop was respect for fundamental human rights and taking into account the lived experiences of diverse communities.

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April, 28 - 2022

Global Index on Responsible AI: Regional Consultation

Consultation with the African Centre for AI and Digital Technologies.

An open engagement from stakeholders from Francophone and North Africa on the Global Index, in order to strengthen the utility of the Index on the ground and validate the conceptual framework of the project.


April, 1 - 2022

Co-Designing the Global Index on Responsible AI

Discussion with policymakers from the Global South on the Global Index

Policymakers from Africa and India were presented with the Global Index on Responsible AI in order to explore their thoughts and perspectives regarding the Global Index.


March, 8 - 2022

Global Index on Responsible AI at Mozfest 2022

Toward a reality-based narrative on decolonizing AI

In recent years, scholars have drawn attention to the power asymmetries fuelling the production of AI and the continuation with earlier colonial logics. Much of this discussion however is being led by thinkers and organisations in industrialised economies. Paradoxically, but unsurprisingly, the voices of civil society organisations from developing countries are notably absent in calls for decolonising AI. The workshop will entail a roundtable discussion followed by a exercise to articulate and develop vocabulary, concepts, and strategies that can better situate emerging narratives around decolonizing AI within the political realities in the global South.


Designing a Rights-based Global Index on Responsible AI

Measuring the responsible use of AI around the world

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a wicked problem facing society globally. It is wicked because it is complex and hard to define as a policy concern. How is it being used, and who must who can? take responsibility for ensuring it is used to better society? As it increasingly moves to becoming a general purpose technology, it cannot be isolated from the social and economic conditions in which it is produced and used; in fact, it is changing the very nature of societies and economies, demanding new kinds of research and policy interventions in order to understand and manage its effects (Coyle, 2021). What makes AI more complex is the paradox it is bound up in: this technology that offers major transformative potential for societies in its capacity to compute great swathes of information, at an efficiency rate far greater than any human mind, comes with major risk to fundamental rights and values. Evidence has demonstrated that even the most legitimate uses of AI have caused harm to people and their societies and environments (Pizzi, Romanoff Engelhardt, 2021). To add to this, we do not yet know the full implications or impacts that AI is having, or will have, on different societies around the world.


December, 8 - 2021

Moving from Principles to Practice in Responsible AI around the World

Announcement of the New Global Index on Responsible AI

The Global Index is a new initiative of the Data for Development Network (, in collaboration with the South African-based think tank, Research ICT Africa, with support Canadas International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The Global Index on Responsible AI will measure progress toward the responsible use and development of artificial intelligence in over 100 countries around the world, from a distinctly human-rights-based perspective. Our intention is to co-create the Global Index with a diverse range of stakeholders in order to ensure its value as a basis for informed decisions by policymakers on the ground. This event will kick off a consultative engagement process and offer initial information about the project, the key partners involved and its expected utility in advancing human rights and democracy in the use and development of AI.

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December, 8 - 2021

Launch of the Global Index on Responsible AI

A tool to measure the progression of AI in over 100 countries

The Global Index is a multi-year project, involving stakeholders and partners from the Global South and Global North. It is based on a participatory process intended to promote the design, development, and use of AI in a manner that respects human rights, ethics, gender inclusivity and sustainability.

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Artificial Intelligence carries a huge upside, but potential harms need to be managed

The use of AI is raising critical issues around human rights

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to contribute to the resolution of some of the most intractable problems of our time. Examples include climate change and pandemics. But they have the capacity to cause harm too. And they can, if not used properly, perpetuate historical injustices and structural inequalities.


The Global Index is being designed using a broad participatory approach to help maximise the application of results in support of responsible AI principles and practices.



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